Designs and delivers independent research, evaluation and consultancy – tailoring services to meet different needs – including:

Logos of clients

  • Designing and scoping exploratory qualitative and deliberative research¬† and evaluation
  • Reviewing evidence and policy
  • Intelligent and informed interviewing and facilitation (e.g. interviews, focus groups,
    deep dives – indepth case studies, workshops, deliberative events and Citizens’ Juries)
  • User consultations
  • Observation work
  • Delivering accessible findings and insights based on robust analysis
  • Reporting findings in a policy and practice informed way (explaining what works best,
    for whom, how and why; and what is critical for delivering this)
  • Delivering outputs creatively in PowerPoint packs, substantive and themed reports,
    summary papers, blogs, digital and video stories
  • Teaching and writing about qualitative research methods