• Family Intervention Projects Report CoverEvaluation of Family Interventions between 2006 and 2012 –
    Clarissa evaluated the design and set up of the Family Intervention Projects (FIPs) which were set up to work with some of the most challenging families and address their multiple and complex problems. Working with a team from NatCen Social Research this evaluation provided essential evidence of how the 53 FIPs worked and what was critical to ensuring successful outcomes for the families they were working with. The evidence was subsequently used to inform the roll out of the programme under Think Family.

Family Intervention Projects report

      •  Subsequent contracts involved tracking and monitoring all families working with family
        interventions and a small scale impact evaluation which was reported in the
        2011                                                                                              Family Interventions report.

    • Serving All Ages Report coverServing all Ages – (2012) – Clarissa led an extensive qualitative study for the BBC exploring how age is portrayed in output on TV, radio and online. The research involved: three day long deliberative workshops with a cross section of people aged 18 – 75, a series of focus groups with younger (13 – 19 years) and older people (70 – 92 years), 40 follow up depth interviews and 14 investigative interviews with industry experts. During the workshops and groups people were shown cards to explore different types of programme, talent boards containing male and female celebrities and a show reel of clips providing a montage of examples of how age is portrayed on television and radio. This exploratory approach enabled us to generate richer and more detailed insights about the more subtle and complex factors that underpinned views and judgements about age portrayal.
      A short film was produced to reflect the key findings presented in the report based on video blogs
      recorded at the end of the workshops and group discussions.    Serving All Ages report
  •  politician holding power and moneyYoung people’s politics (2000) – During the 1990s media speculation and academic debate was increasingly exercised about the alienation of young people from political
    life. However, there was a lack of evidence about how young people viewed politics and the reasons why they appeared to be uninterested. Clarissa was awarded funding by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to carry out an extensive qualitative study with a team from NatCen to explore the political interest and engagement of a cross-section of young people, aged between 14 and 24. The research found that in spite of low levels of interest in conventional ‘party politics’ young people were concerned and involved with a wide range of social and political issues. Following this research Clarissa went on to explore how young people view and engage in local politics for the former Department of
    Environment Transport and the Regions (DETR).    Young People’s Politics report